Brief History

Departs from the desire to act in the business world, MR.HERRY KOHAR SUBROTO founded CV. BINTANG TIMUR PERKASA which based in Balikpapan In the earlier the business that first done is mining contractor services which gives provision and rental of heavy equipment and generaI mining infrastructure, particularly in coal mining to answer the development of national energy needs.

C V. BINTANG TIMUR PERKASA established based on notarial deed Hendrayanti, SH no. I4 dated 08 December 2005 in BaIikpapan.

Experiences and expert in the rental units of heavy equipment for mining needs, with a commitment to prioritize quality in maintenance and repair to keep ready and available and also optimal in providing heavy equipment units.

And in order to improve in competing and business development, then CV.BlNTANG TIMUR PERKASA operationally is supported by PT.BINTANG MANGGALA BORNEO ( PT.BMB ). With that kind support, emerge expectations the increase of working capital and other resources so that the ability to capture the growing business opportunities are wider in the future.

In the era of industrial development that growth rapidly so that the needs for energy also increase.

The amounts of coal is gigantic and potential, and it is one of the alternative energy sources beyond oil and natural gas that decrease in number.

Exploration and exploitation of Coal energy era has begun in the 80's, and increasing from year to year.

Coal demand by industrial countries increasingly advanced that cause the national coal exploration also increased. This opportunity is the basic standard of PT.BlNTANG MANGGALA BORNEO to continue improving and expanding its business by adding units of heavy equipment and cooperation to become The Leader in coal mining contractor services company in Kalimantan.