Job Experience

PT. Moriss ( PT. Pinang Coal Indonesia, Noble group ) 

At this company, we have agreement to handle such as coal handling at stockpile area and coal burging , road maintenace and also  Rental Heavy Equipment  from 2007 until present.

PT. Kaltim Persada

We cooperated with PT. Kaltim Persada in handling  OB Removal at PT. Bukit Baiduri Enterprice mine with land production capacities 600.000 bcm / month and coal production capacities 50.000 ton / month. Contract period in the year  2005 until 2008.


PT. Bamas Sejahtera

PT. Bamas Sejahtera work as  Main Contractor in PT. Sanga Coal Indonesia, sanga – sanga, Kalimanatan Timur. Our company work as sub contractor, for a rental 12 units brand new heavy equipments. Rental  Contract Period from 2008 until present.


PT. Nusantara Rimbayu Coal.

We make an agreement  OB removal production contract that produces  400.000 bcm / month. Located in Tenggarong. Contract Period from 2008 until present.


PT. Telen Indo Clay

This company works in the mining of nickel at Longkali, Penajam Pasir Utara. We have rental 8 Units heavy equipments in new condition. Contract period in the year 2007 until 2009.